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How to track a motorcycle or scooter using a GPS device?

In this article, we will show you how to track a motorcycle or scooter using a GPS device. This can be a great way to keep track of your vehicle if it is stolen, or if you simply want to…

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Criteria for Choosing the Right Top-Case

Top cases are now among the most popular accessories for motorbike riders. They are specially designed for transporting luggage and equipment. However, there are many varieties of top cases, mainly in terms of volume and size. Choosing the right accessory…

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Even in Summer: The Motorbike Jacket Remains Your Safety Ally!

Motorbike jackets are designed to protect you in the event of a fall or slip. The same goes for all other motorbike equipment: helmet, trousers, etc. They guarantee you greater safety on the road, preventing bruises, fractures or abrasion burns….

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The Different Types of Motorbike Trousers: What are They?

Although motorcyclists belong to one big family, they each have their own way of riding and dressing. While some prefer leather gloves, others wear mostly sports gloves. The same goes for trousers. These are chosen according to the risks to…

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How to Choose the Right Size for Motorbike Gloves?

Gloves are a must for motorcyclists. Don’t forget them to protect your hands during your travels. Until now, they have been compulsory for safety reasons. Find here the techniques to help you know your glove sizes. The indispensability of gloves…

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Tips to Choose the Right Motorbike Boots?

Indispensable accessories for any prideful biker, motorbike boots come in different models on the market. In order for them to really protect you during your adventures or your various races, it is essential to choose them carefully. To do this,…

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