Even in Summer: The Motorbike Jacket Remains Your Safety Ally!

Motorbike jackets are designed to protect you in the event of a fall or slip. The same goes for all other motorbike equipment: helmet, trousers, etc. They guarantee you greater safety on the road, preventing bruises, fractures or abrasion burns. On top of that, they protect you from the heat in summer and from bad weather. However, it is important to wear the right motorbike jacket to get maximum protection.

Better protection against abrasion

Even at low speeds, friction against the asphalt can cause serious injuries. Therefore, the materials used on the outside of the jacket must provide good protection against abrasion. Leather and fur have long been recognised for their great effectiveness in this area. However, the variety of textiles has increased considerably over the last twenty years. They now offer incomparable resistance. In fact, it is from these new materials that the BMW Motorcycle Jacket was developed. You will find several models of motorbike clothing of this brand if you click here. You can then make your choice according to your needs and your budget.

A better anti-shock essential

Almost all motorbike jackets on the market are equipped with two reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows. When choosing your jacket, opt for one with EN 1621-1 certified protection. This attests to the normality and effectiveness of the elements against collisions. There are currently two categories of impact protection on the market. Those classified as LEVEL 2 protect better than LEVEL 1. In addition, motorbike jackets have a pocket ready for back protection. Unfortunately, it is still optional on most jackets. This is unfortunate because this accessory protects the spine from the most serious injuries. If you don't have one, take advantage of it and buy a new motorbike back protector to add to your gear.

How to ensure optimum visibility

Jackets are becoming more and more equipped with reflective and other visible piping to other road users. This passive visibility works in the rider's favour at night or in deteriorating weather conditions. Many riders, concerned about their safety on the road, choose to buy motorbike jackets with fluorescent yellow signs. So, you too should choose these models. You will be visible even from dozens of metres away.
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