The Different Types of Motorbike Trousers: What are They?

Although motorcyclists belong to one big family, they each have their own way of riding and dressing. While some prefer leather gloves, others wear mostly sports gloves. The same goes for trousers. These are chosen according to the risks to be taken on the road, the ground or the weather during the journey. An essential accessory to protect against rain and stones, motorbike trousers come in different models.

Textile road bike trousers

The BMW Motorrad trousers can be adapted to any morphology to allow the wearer to drive comfortably. They have reinforcements at the elbows and knees. Some models are equipped with shells to optimise safety. In general, this type of trousers protects the driver from all climatic hazards. They can be worn in winter and summer, in muddy or dry areas. Thanks to the manufacturing materials resulting from innovative technologies, these trousers are highly abrasion-resistant. This means there is no risk of tearing or damaging them quickly. It is important to note, however, that if you wish to wear it in the summer, it is necessary to choose a model with a removable lining. This will allow you to remove the lining during the cold season. 

Off-road motorbike trousers

Off-road motorbike trousers are suitable for adventurers. They are convenient for anyone who enjoys long roads and rough ground. In particular, you will find BMW Motorcycle Pants all-terrain motorbike trousers on the market. They are usually made of ventilated fabric and provide maximum comfort on your many trails. In addition, their rainproof membrane can be easily removed to allow you to enjoy more manoeuvrability and lightness while riding. 

Motorbike racing trousers

Motorbike racing trousers are made of leather. It is the material of choice for motorbike clothing. They are available in several colours apart from the usual black. This one offers leather appliqués in white or red. This is a reworked model. The reinforcements are more numerous. The thicknesses are greater. All this to increase the rider's degree of protection. At knee level, you have resistant shells, practical to cushion the contact with the bitumen. Other features can be added to the list. This may vary depending on the model of motorbike racing trousers you choose. For the BMW Motorcycle Pants, you may have extra zippers to add style to the trousers.
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