How to Choose the Right Size for Motorbike Gloves?

Gloves are a must for motorcyclists. Don't forget them to protect your hands during your travels. Until now, they have been compulsory for safety reasons. Find here the techniques to help you know your glove sizes.

The indispensability of gloves

Of course, gloves are indispensable for two-wheelers. The risk of injury is more serious if a driver does not wear gloves. Road safety has found that 12% of motorcyclists ride without gloves. It therefore reinforces the mandatory glove measure for all those who use two-wheelers. Studies show that wearing gloves can prevent 95% of injuries. Often, motorbike riders' reflex to cushion their fall is to use their hands. Be aware that in a motorbike accident or fall, the impact can be fatal. Currently, failure to wear gloves is punishable by a fine. In addition to a payment within a prescribed time limit, there is a point deduction on the driver's licence. Certainly, it is essential to always wear gloves for motorbike safety. The BMW Motorcycle gloves that you can find in offer both quality and protection. 

Gloves for your size

To help you know the size of your gloves, follow these tips. First of all, measure the circumference of your palm by folding your hand without clenching your fists. Next, measure with a tape measure. Be aware that there is a table that corresponds to all the references and you can compare them using this table. So, adjust your gloves to your size to guarantee better safety. Discover samples of the gloves in BMW Motorcycle gloves.

Gloves to wear

To help you, we suggest that you wear top quality gloves, which are often made of leather. This material is lighter and noble with good resistance. This type of glove is waterproof and can protect your hands from rain and cold. In particular, it is better to buy protective comfort gloves that are able to withstand shocks. Currently, new models of gloves are able to connect with a smartphone. This type of glove can alert the driver to road danger. If you fall, this glove calls for help and its name is Liberty Racer. You can find them in BMW Motorcycle gloves.
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