The Best Motorcycle Campsites in France

Published on : 03 March 20212 min reading time
Motorcyclists generally prefer campsites for motorbike rides. A great way to find a place to sleep without worrying about your head. Camping means being quiet at night until it’s time to get back on the road. Here are the best motorbike campsites in the Hexagon.


There are many campsites for motorcyclists in France. In the Hautes-Alpes, you can find campsites that meet your expectations. Take pleasure in camping in a quiet and shady place. Choose a pitch for a pleasant stay. Taste a quiet life in a small corner of paradise for a restful stay. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. The Hautes-Alpes boast an incomparable panorama. A real place to rest and forget about everyday life. The Hautes-Alpes offer a variety of activities. Hiking, water sports, mountain biking… are waiting for you. A campsite in the middle of nature to take full advantage of the particularity of the region.


The Dordogne offers exceptional campsites. A place that offers visitors a warm welcome. The Roman Ruins des Cars are a must in the Dordogne. Mounds of huge granite boulders that present the site of a temple and a mausoleum. Overlooking the village of Beynac, the castle of Beynac is an exceptional monument. An imposing fortress was used as a film location on many occasions. The Grotte de Rouffignac allows you to discover cave paintings dating back some 15,000 years. The ceiling of the cave is marked by the talent of Man with more than 250 representations of which the mammoth composes the great majority. The Grote de Rouffignac is a unique place to visit during a stay in the Dordogne.

The Haute-Loire

This region also offers various camping sites for motorcyclists. The campsites of the Haute-Loire welcome you in a warm atmosphere. Conviviality is on the agenda. Nature lovers can find a corner of paradise on the banks of the wild Loire. The Haute-Loire offers you all the activities you need, including visits to tourist sites, restaurants, adventure courses, walks in the middle of nature, etc. A place that promises a quiet stay in a restful atmosphere. Don’t miss to discover the Livradois Forez Regional Natural Park.

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