How to Equip Yourself for Motorbike Rides in Autumn?

One of the characteristics of travelling on two-wheeled vehicles is the fact that the risks and potential dangers change according to the prevailing climate. Riding a motorbike in particular is seasonal, and highly dependent on the environment. If this reality is not too obvious in summer and spring, it becomes perfectly palpable in autumn, a season known to be the season of all dangers. Motorbike helmet, gloves, adapted shoes... the essentials for safe motorbike trips in autumn are presented in the following lines!

Bring a helmet

In autumn, showers become frequent, temperatures drop, trees lose their leaves, winds wake up and frost can arrive at any time; all factors that increase the risk of accidents and therefore falls on motorbikes. Vigilance must therefore be increased exponentially in autumn, and one of the main measures to take in this respect is to wear a motorbike helmet. The use of this motorbike equipment provides effective protection for the head, which is one of the most exposed parts in the event of an accident, and which can be extremely harmful to the motorcyclist. Apart from this major role, some helmets equipped with visors can also be used to protect the face and especially the eyes from wind, sun rays, dust, grains of sand and other elements that can reduce the rider's visibility. All the more reason to never go out without your motorbike helmet in the fall!

Dress accordingly

For safe motorbike riding in the autumn, full body protection is essential. In this context, it is strongly recommended that you wear a suitable jacket, preferably with a backbone, and reinforced at the points of impact (shoulders, back, elbows, etc.). Trousers are also an essential piece of motorbike equipment for the protection of the lower body, and must also be reinforced at least at the knees. For long and regular trips, it is better to opt for touring clothing that is more comfortable and more ergonomic. In addition to the motorbike helmet and other equipment mentioned above, certain special measures must be taken for a motorbike trip: a pair of gloves to protect your hands and a pair of suitable shoes (ideally boots, for optimal protection of the feet and ankles). Also, as mentioned above, there is no shortage of showers in autumn. Therefore, if you don't want to rely on waterproof models for every piece of motorbike equipment, it's best to bring a full rain suit in addition to the motorbike helmet. This includes a motorbike rain jacket, overpants, overgloves and overboots, among others. As far as underwear is concerned, it is advisable to choose thermal underwear. These are more likely to keep motorcyclists warm or cool (depending on the model chosen) and at the same time provide maximum ease and comfort in the movements made.

A few essential checks

For a safe journey, the oil level, the condition of the brake pads, the condition of the tyres, the suspension and the chain kit are all essential checks to be carried out. Of course, don't forget to take a last look at the motorbike helmet and other equipment to be provided!
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