Community Motorbike Tours

Motorbike rides bring together many two-wheel enthusiasts. Motorbike excursions are an opportunity to discover exceptional places. Community motorbike rides are an opportunity to share incredible experiences.

Creation of the itinerary

One of the things you have to do when you go for a motorbike ride is to map out the route. It outlines the steps to follow. The itinerary is drawn up according to the places you want to visit throughout the motorbike trip. It should be clear and simple. The use of a road map helps to avoid mistakes. In addition to the road map, a GPS must be available to help you find your way around. Make a precise note of tricky points such as turns that are too narrow and require extra vigilance. The directions must be concise and clear. Mark changes of direction well to avoid finding yourself in the wrong direction. Do not hesitate to use a road-book obtained from websites. Share your route with the community so that other motorcyclists can enjoy it.

Preparing for the motorbike ride

Motorbike rides are much better when shared with other enthusiasts. For the trip to go smoothly, the preparation phase must be done weeks before departure. You have to be well organised. So, if there are several of you taking part in the ride, it's best to divide up the items you need to take with you. You must know how to make the most of the storage space available on the bike. Side bags installed along the passenger seat allow for more storage. Choose items that take up a minimum of space, especially multi-functional items. Don't hesitate to ask other motorcyclists to share items needed for community motorbike rides.

Take the weather into account

Before the day of departure of the community motorbike rides, you should check the weather forecast. Motorbikes are not designed to defy bad weather. Unlike a car, a motorbike does not protect you from the rain, for example. In this case, it is better to ride when the weather is more favourable. To make sure you don't get caught out by the vagaries of the weather, check the weather forecast beforehand. Follow the weather reports on TV or radio. The weather forecast one day before departure is the one that should get your attention the most.
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