Motorbike Tour in the Pyrenees

More and more motorcyclists want to discover the Pyrenees. An itinerary that offers an unforgettable experience. A motorbike tour in the Pyrenees is an opportunity to discover beautiful regions. Enjoy the quiet roads and the beauty of the landscape.

The Charm of the Pyrenees

Many motorcyclists want to discover the Pyrenees during their rides. During the journey, crossing the passes is a unique experience. The Pyrenees attract by its relief and its charming massif. An itinerary which is a succession of high valleys sculpted by the erosion of the timeworn glaciers. There are wide U-shaped valleys that spice up the motorbike ride. Motorbike rides in the Pyrenees require endurance. Some physical fitness is required. The mountains seem indomitable. Throughout the journey, the succession of landscapes is impressive, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Impressive landscapes

The Pyrenees offer breathtaking landscapes. A motorbike ride in the Pyrenees allows you to discover grandiose landscapes worthy of a postcard. The motorbike trip gives you the possibility to stop whenever you want to admire the landscapes. Don't forget to take a picnic to enjoy the beauty of the place and to rest for a few minutes. The Pic du Midi de Bigorre observatory site at 2865 metres is a must. A place that offers an impressive panorama of the Pyrenees mountain range. A motorbike ride in the Pyrenees will leave you with memorable memories.

The Pyrenees, perfect for a motorbike ride

The Pyrenees hold quite a few surprises in store for visitors. The magnificent valleys and long panoramic bends are incomparable. The V-shaped valleys seem impassable. Succumb to the charm of the beautiful mountains. Spectacular curves, roads in good condition and quiet descents, the Pyrenees promise the most remarkable ride. The numerous passes are there to give you a unique experience. The Medous cave is a natural curiosity that is well worth the trip. Take a trip to Tourmalet, Andorra or Lourdes.
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