How to Prepare the Itinerary of a Motorbike Tour?

Taking a motorbike ride is an excellent way to discover the landscape. To prepare the itinerary of a motorbike ride, several factors must be taken into account. It is necessary to know the road conditions in order to have the best itinerary.

Prepare a road-book

One of the steps to be taken to prepare the itinerary of a motorbike trip is to set up a road-book. The different stages of the motorbike trip are determined beforehand. It is necessary to note the names of the roads that will be part of the itinerary. In addition, you must know the distances between each change of direction. Don't forget to use a road map to get your bearings and avoid getting lost along the way. A GPS is also welcome: a tool that allows you to follow the right itinerary for motorbike rides. A GPS in addition to a road map are both essential for motorbike riding. Your passenger can play the role of a co-driver.

Plotting the route

The road-book must be easily accessible. Use thick felt so that it is clearly visible. The instructions must be written clearly and concisely. Simple notes allow you to orientate yourself properly while enjoying the scenery. On the map, you should write down the tricky points. Changes of direction should be very clear. The aim is not to waste time finding your way. The notes should not clutter up the road-book. Everything should be done in a simple but clear way that saves you long moments of reflection. You can use software to create your road-book. However, road-books obtained from the internet are to be used in addition to the itinerary you have drawn up for the biking trips you are going to make.

The weather forecast

The weather is a parameter to be taken into account for motorbike rides. It is important to be well prepared as motorcyclists are directly affected by the vagaries of the weather. You should consult the weather forecast. It is best to be well prepared. You can follow the weather forecast in real time online on the weather forecast websites. You can also follow the forecasts of radio and TV stations. Weather forecasting is not an exact science. It is best to trust the forecast one day before.
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