Corsica Motorbike Tour

Motorbike enthusiasts want to go on a motorbike tour of Corsica. The island of beauty is a destination full of charm that attracts many motorcyclists in search of magnificent landscapes. Corsica is jam-packed with surprises for motorcyclists with its small roads, delightful curves, calm mountains, etc.

Corsica, an Island for Bikers

Corsica offers incomparable landscapes. The itineraries pass through picturesque villages that breathe the good life. Villages that invite you to take a break to enjoy the tranquillity of the local environment. The roads are fabulous. At every bend in the road there is an incredible panorama. The winding mountain roads are exquisite. Corsica offers the full range of facilities for a memorable ride. Motorcyclists come from all over France to discover this island that has so much to offer to motorbike enthusiasts. Corsica's superb roads are true delights suitable for motorbike travel.


Motorcyclists are spoilt for choice when it comes to itineraries. Corsica offers wondrous possibilities when it comes to creating a road-book. One week is not enough to discover Corsica. To have the best itinerary, you have to take into account the autonomy of your motorbike, the petrol stations or even the places where you can take a break. Don't forget to ask weeks in advance to make sure you have the best route. Don't hesitate to let yourself be guided by a professional who knows the region inside out. Corsica's roads are varied and offer a variety of alluring walks. The national roads that cross the island are fantastic. Be careful on sharp bends.


Starting from April, Corsica is not really full. It is in May that Corsica begins to be invaded by tourists. Finding room in hotels at this time of the year becomes less and less easy. From September onwards, hotels are usually full. To make sure you find a room that suits your means, make an early booking. Avoid making last-minute arrangements. Motorcyclists who prefer camping don't have much to worry about. There is a wide choice of places to camp. Only bikers who prefer the comfort of a hotel room should make good travel arrangements to avoid unpleasant surprises.
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