LightMode Kits Give Your Helmet the “Tron” Treatment


LightMode, the organization behind the head protector light packs that transformed your cap into something out of Tron, is back with another lighting unit named the S Series. The S Series introduces much like the first, however the controller has been totally updated. It’s more streamlined. It’s water safe, it revives by means of USB as opposed to replacing batteries, and the connectors are much less demanding to disengage and reconnect so you can get the controller off with your gloves on.The new S Series Kits are accessible in seven distinct hues and two choices: Proton S (2x 2 meter EL wires) and Electron S (50cm EL tape and 3 meters EL wire). Being seen around evening time on your cruiser, bicycle or bike is a vital bit of rider wellbeing. LightMode assists with that while likewise permitting you to customize something you used to wear just so your head didn’t crush open.